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Видео Gagauz — Desert Way


Описание видео: *Get this release @ http://www.beatport.com !* Gagauz, short for Sergey Gagauz, is a ukrainian producer from Kiev. His music career began around 2006. In his music style, he tries not to limit himself but goes across different styles in search for the right feeling and mood. As some inspirational figures for himself he mentions Gabriel & Dresden, Tiesto, and Sash! Gagauz now present his debut track «Desert Way» on Echelon. The track is a solid progressive trancer with some darker vibes and melodies. Though the bass & perc foundation is quite strong, Gagauz plays with small side-melodies that sound great in the rich musical texture. — 1. Desert Way (Original Mix)
Автор: EchelonRecords
Длительность: 3:20
Размещено: 2012-11-29

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Gagauz — Desert Way

Gagauz - Desert Way
Gagauz - Desert Way Gagauz - Desert Way Gagauz - Desert Way

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